Our best advertising is a satisfied customer.  Tell us about your experience at Shallow Jewelers.

"I went to get my ring plated and not only did they charge less than any other place I've been they did a better job! Best customer service I've ever had in a jewelry store. They back their work 100% and they did it while I waited. Didn't have to come back in 7-10 days. I'll definitely be back and recommend it to my friends." - Malena in Brookfield


"Excellent store. Fast repairs done local. Would definitely go back!"


"We had an older Art Deco style ring with a unique diamond set in platinum, but the diamond was fractured. Shallow Jewelers was able to locate a replacement diamond halfway around the world, and make a significant improvement on the setting to minimize the risk of future fractures. The ring was repaired to our complete and total satisfaction! Additionally, Shallow Jewelers worked directly with my insurance company." - J.M.


"Awesome service!! My fiancé and I got our wedding rings here, we will be back again!" - Dawn April 2014


"Shallow Jewelers sized my grandmother's ring for my wedding. Their work was amazing and I could not have been happier." - Melisa


"Great, local, small business. I would not go anywhere else for/with my jewelry!" - Mary P. Dec. 15, 2013


"They were there for me when I needed them multiple times. A family place for sure!" - Katelyn F.


"Wonderful Jeweler. We can't say enough great things about Shallow Jewelers, and especially Dean Shallow. He was wonderful to work with from the beginning. We knew we wanted an engagement ring that was a bit unique- and he helped us to design the perfect ring. Even though he was well aware that we weren't going to spend a fortune, he was patient, kind, and helpful throughout the process. We visited about a dozen jewelers to find the perfect engagement ring, and one were willing to work on a custom design given our budget. But Dean was fabulous" - Lyra1020


" I just had to write to you to say thank you to Michael Mapes. He is so patient and wonderful. He took time and really listened...which helped me discover the features of a ring that I like the most. His approach is extraordinary! He spent over an hour with me as we discussed different engagement rings. I could tell IMMEDIATELY that he is the type of gentleman that can help us make a life changing purchase with confidence. What an amazing experience. Thank you Shallow Jewelers for having Michael Mapes on your team. Please let him know that it was wonderful to meet with him. Michael...Keep up the fantastic work. You truly make a difference!" -Ruth O. Milwaukee, WI


"I just want to say "thanks" for the wonderful service. I came into the store a week ago and in less than a week I had several pieces of jewelry repaired, remounted, and two pendants designed and completed. I must say that a friend of mine told me about Shallow Jewelers being one of the very best places to trust my heirloom jewelry. Mike helped me with design ideas. He was so knowledgeable. Greg Shallow did the actual work. His work was meticulous. I am so please and excited with the beautiful job he did. Again, thank you Shallow Jewelers for the outstanding work." -Mary Nelson, WI


"I have been going to Shallow Jewelers for a number of years. Each time I visit the store...no mater if I am browsing or looking to purchase a special gift for someone, or for myself, I have always been greeted and treated with respect from a very personable person. Talk about a small world...my first birthday/Christmas present from my boyfriend was a very special, very beautiful Icicle pendant which Mark created. I have worn it every day since I have received it. I love it because it is such a beautiful design...and especially because it was a very special present from my sweetheart. Last year for Christmas, I received another box from Shallows. In it is a gorgeous gold bracelet. Once again, I have items of significant quality. I am very rough on my jewelry and have never had to have those two pieces repaired even once. Several years ago when I turned 16, I received a ring from my parents. Since I am now almost 48, the ring has had to have a stone replaced and have some resizing work done and has had to be re-pronged. I would not even consider taking my jewelry to any other place. Also, since my mom's passing, I have decided to wear her engagement ring. prior to doing so I asked Mark Shallow to look at it and make any repairs. I personally handed it to Mark Shallow, because that ring was and is very special to me and I would not wand will not hand it to anyone but him. That's how much faith and trust I have in Shallow Jewelers." -Becky Rizner- New Berlin WI


"Shallow was the only jewelry that I have gone to. I have now been married for six years and my wife's smile always appears after I pull out a box from Shallows. This is the only jeweler I will ever trust with my wife's jewelry needs." -Michael Tesch- Milwaukee, WI


"Shallow Jewelers is a great store, and the staff is terrific! Michael Mapes is an inspiration! The last gift I received from my husband before his death was a pair of gold loop earrings with an angel sitting in the loop. Sadly, I lost one of the earrings. I brought the remaining earring to Michael to see what could be salvaged; he converted it into a lovely pendant--now I wear it every day! When I asked Michael Mapes to design a piece of jewelry for me, combining my husbands birthstone (diamond) with mine (aquamarine), he suggested a ring. The results is an exquisite design of gems, but more touching is that Michael incorporated precious symbolism from our lives. "Every time I go to Shallow Jewelers for a piece of jewelry, it is a wonderful experience! It's the only place I'll ever shop to buy beautiful and precious jewelry!" -Celine M. Larson- Greendale, WI


"I have been going to Shallow Jewelers for about 5 years now and consider myself very low on the "customer totem pole". I only come in to have Master Watchmaker Richard Trissel replace watch batteries in a couple of my watches every year or so. The work is done very quickly and efficiently and when I am there, despite how little I am there to spend. I have bought jewelry literally all over the world and in my travels, I have not encountered any single group of people who are more hands-on, knowledgeable and into customer service as they are at Shallow Jewelers. With that ringing endorsement, I may start buying from Shallow myself."- Dr. Stu Tentoni- Delafield, WI


"Hello Mike! My now-husband, Greg and I were in this past July 2005 with our Auntie Jane. Greg and I got married in August 2005 after we picked out my beautiful engagement ring. As a matter of fact, beautiful doesn't begin to describe it! Awe-inspiring is more like it! In the short amount of time since my husband gave me my engagement ring, I have been from Wisconsin to Florida and across the country to Utah. And I have been complimented on my ring in every state along the way. I have never had so many people stop me over a piece of jewelry (or anything for that matter) in my life!! The clarity, cut and quality are second to none. Mike you are absolutely fantastic! You educated us and treated us like family. Thank you for all you've done for us!! I'll come by for a visit when I'm back in Milwaukee this winter! and Greg sends his best from Iraq!!" -Greg and Allison Jakus-Utah


"Dear Shallow Jewelers, Thank you for helping me find the perfect engagement ring. I visited over one dozen jewelers in the Milwaukee area and had no success fining a diamond and setting that met my expectations and budget. Other jewelers primarily lost my business through their lack of customer service as evidenced by their attempts to sell me styles of rings that I didn't want, not following through on promises of call backs and just ignoring my presence upon entering their facilities. Then I came into Shallow Jewelers. Your customer service is unparalleled. Your sales specialists worked with me to define exactly what style of ring I wanted while staying within my budget. The end result was a beautiful ring that I had imagined for nearly eight months before coming into Shallow's. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. My finance said yes and loves the ring. Thanks to everyone at Shallow's for being a part of our wedding story. Highest regards." - Jeff Hosington West Allis, WI


"I first went to Shallow when I was a little girl no older than 10 with my dad to shop for my mom and grandma. Now 15 years later I have an engagement ring from them and soon to be wedding bands. Mike Mapes, as well as the rest of the staff is wonderful to work with. It is nice to see such a smiling friendly face. He makes shopping for jewelry even more enjoyable. (If that can be possible)!! Thanks Mike for always being such a great guy!!" -Kristin Weekes-New Berlin, WI


"My mom and dad have done business with Shallow Jewelers when they got married and so has my brother and his wife and also with both of their daughters. I was just there from Florida and enjoyed their professionalism after a jewelry purchase. Great bunch of people. Thanks for welcoming me as family just like the rest of my family. Thanks!" - Brett A. Goll-Gulf Breeze, Florida


"I have been shopping at Shallow Jewelers for the past 11 years. I happened to be in the neighborhood one day and stopped in to browse and left with a fantastic necklace. I have continued to shop there and take jewelry in for appraisals or repair. I have always been treated as a member of the family. The honesty of each and every employee is outstanding, and very appreciated. I have recommended numerous people there for their jewelry needs-including my boyfriend. Thanks all and keep up the great job." -Tracy Guenther-Cambellsport, WI


"My first purchase from Shallow Jewelers was an engagement ring about 6 years ago. It was really my first big jewelry purchase of any kind. I went in more than a little nervous, but Mike Mapes had me feeling relaxed and confident about my choice in jeweler right away. He took the time to educate me thoroughly about what I was buying and that was very important to me. I've received absolutely the best customer service from Mike and all the staff I've met. The jewelry I've purchased has been of superb quality. I'm a customer for life and have referred many others." - Dean Kuczynski WI


"Jim and I were referred to Shallow Jewelers by our dear friends the Bontempo's. It was our 30th anniversary and we wanted to have my wedding ring reset. With everything you hear on TV about not getting your own diamonds back we wanted to feel secure on who we chose to do this for us, as well as the quality of the workmanship. As soon as we talked with Mike Mapes we were comfortable having Shallow's do the job and felt safe leaving our diamonds with him. We have been back several times since that first time and each time were very happy with our purchases and the outstanding and personal customer service Mike gives us. When you frequent a jewelry store you want to feel like more than just a customer and we feel that way at Shallow's. Thank you Mike, and Thank you Bontempo Family!" - Cindy LaVesser-Pewaukee, WI


"My husband Steve and I would like to thank Mike Mapes for all the help he has given us. We have purchased wedding bands, money clips and necklaces from Mike at Shallows. We also had an appraisal done by Shallows. Your company is wonderful to work with and we have suggested Shallow Jewelers to our family and friends! Thanks for making spending money fun and exciting!" - Lori Wittlieff, West Allis


"My mother and step father referred my wife and I to Dean Shallow. We were getting married and we wanted someone that we could trust. Dean's excellence to customer satisfaction really lived up to his reputation. My wife and I received such outstanding service from Dean that we will never go anywhere else for Jewelry. Shallow Jewelers has a customer for life. Thanks Dean!" Jeffery and Victoria Woyach


"My fiancée and I looked at wedding and enragement rings at a number of different jewelry stores, and always our options seemed limited. I went to Shallow's and got exactly what I was looking for, pleasantly, easily, and quickly!" - James Shafstall Plymouth, WI


As far as I am concerned there is no other jeweler in town. Mike Mapes feels like a family member to me (considering that 4 of my siblings all bought their engagement/wedding rings at Shallow's, he practically is) I insists on shopping only at places with good customer service, the staff at Shallow's is amazing. Mike gives 100% attention to me when I stop, even if it's just window shopping! I will never buy jewelry anywhere else. SHALLOWS ROCKS!" -Amy Johnson Milwaukee, WI


"I inherited my grandmother's engagement ring. When I took it to another jeweler to have it appraised they told me that several prongs needed replacing, to the tune of $60.00 each. When I took it to Shallow, I was assured that there was NOTHING wrong with the prongs, and to go ahead and wear the ring. That was about 10 years ago, and the ring is still fine! We don't go anywhere else. Ask for Michael Mapes-he's terrific!" Anne Alba New Berlin, WI


"I was referred to Shallows by some of my mother's friends.  I had a ring that was my father's and I wanted a new ladies setting for the stone. Shallows was very helpful in finding that perfect setting. I love my new ring. I will continue to go back to Shallows for all my jewelry needs; they are very honest, helpful, and friendly. That means so much in todays day! Thank you Shallows!" - Stephanie Chapman-Waukesha, WI


"I've been a loyal Shallow customer for several years. The jewelry selection brought me into the store, but the service and personal relationship with everyone at Shallows keeps me coming back. Don't get me wrong, their jewelry is beautiful and plentiful, but their honesty and willingness to ensure customer satisfaction is quite extraordinary. On more than one occasion, I have been astounded by the personal attention that I received. I always recommend people to Shallow's because I know that the selection is fabulous, and also how important trust and service are to jewelry customers. Thank you Shallow Jewelers!" - Susan Hughes-Waukesha, WI


"I have been going to Shallow Jewelers for about 10 years. Michael Mapes is awesome, as are all the employees. The service and employees are wonderful, everyone treats you with respect, and they truly believe in customer service. The quality of the jewelry is fabulous. It's beautiful and unique, all in one. They believe in their products, as they should. I have yet to have a problem with a piece of jewelry I've purchased from Shallow Jewelers. I highly suggest you stop in and take a peek. Ask for Mike Mapes!" -Michelle L. Corbeil Milwaukee, WI


"My husband has purchased a number of lovely gifts for me over the years from Shallow Jewelers. He won't shop any where else!" Ann Wieselmann, West Allis, WI


"I had an old ring that kept breaking and every jeweler I took it to just kept fixing it, knowing that it would continue to break and cost me $40 to $60 per visit. When I went to Shallow Jewelers they were honest enough to tell me that the ring was unfixable and if I had it repaired it would continue to break costing me additional money each time. They put the stones of the ring in a beautiful sturdy setting and it's better than ever! In the long run, I saved money and my ring is awesome. I get compliments on it all the time. Thanks Shallow Jewelers for your honesty and personal attention." Gladys Tollefson


"My first visit to Shallow was in 1985 for my engagement ring. The quality and superb service has kept me coming back. I'll shop nowhere else for jewelry." - Joe Bruss Brookfield, WI


"I came to Shallows after going to the "mall jewelers". WOW what a difference. It is so nice to see a family owned business that cares about its customers, quality of product and dedication to excellence. I have been a loyal customer for 5 years now. I won't go anywhere else and my wife won't let me. We have referred many people to them and all have been satisfied. Thanks Mike and Dean." Vince Bontempo


If you have been happy with the service you received at Shallow Jewelers, and/or have been very pleased with your jewelry purchase, please take a moment to send us an e-mail through the form below. With you permission we will be positing these letters on our website.


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